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If you're in or around London's Southbank on the evening of Thursday 4th of August then come join us as we re-run our locations based game set in historic London at Royal Festival Hall as part of the Hide & Seek Sandpit event!

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How to use Xcode 4 to generate xib files for use with the Cappuccino web framework.

cappuccino, xcode

I recently inherited a python project that used Google App Engine, and didn't have any unit tests setup, which is something I wanted to fix. Here's how I went about it.

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Despite working full out on our next major thing (more soon!), we slipped out another point update to Quiz Buster, bringing it up to 1.2.


We were fortunate enough to have some great feedback on Quiz Buster 1.0, and we took as much as we could and put out a quick 1.1 update.


Today we're pleased to announce that our fun little question answering app, Quiz Buster has been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Instructions on how to take one of the important bits of your developer experience from the old to the new.


A video showing how work evolves on a shipping iPhone app.

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How I built my own iPad stylus.

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After a lot of dog fooding, I finally have released my branch adding OAuth support to the excellent ASIHttpRequest library.

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