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How to update a Tezos Smart-Contract

25 Jan 2023 - 4C, blockchain, smart contracts, tezos

Software updates are as innevitable as death and taxes, yet smart-contracts are designed to be immutable. This article takes a look at how we can reconsile these two world views for the Tezos system.


Working with Tezos Smart Contracts as a software engineer

3 Oct 2022 - 4C, blockchain, smart contracts, testing, tezos

I've recently been tasked with maintenance of 4C's Tezos smart contracts: taking them from research project proof-of-concept to something ready to deploy. Here's my notes on how to work with Tezos as a software engineer.


Processing geospatial data at render time on GPUs using Shaders

24 Jul 2022 - 4C, geospatial, geotiff, gpu, metal, shaders, swift

Taking the batch processing I was doing with geospatial data in the last post and instead doing the same visualisation in real time on the GPU using shaders.


Some notes on processing and display geospatial data

21 Apr 2022 - 4c, geospatial, geotiff

A look at how large geospatial datasets are stored and processed, some tips to quickly see what's in the files, and how to get such data onto an interactive webpage map.


4C starting notes

19 Jan 2022 - 4c, blockchain, tezos

A look at one of my new projects, putting my engineering skills towards a project tacking the ongoing climate crisis with a team at the University of Cambridge looking at verifiable carbon offsetting.


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