Bletchly Park Guide

Apr 2012

A guide app made for Bletchly Park that was a whitelabel of the PlaceWhisper platform.

Watch the Water

Jul 2011

A location based immersive audio experice built for the 2011 Edinburgh Festival.


Jul 2011

An iPad app that let you manage your project tickets stored in Lighthouse.


May 2011

An location based game exploring the history of London's Southbank.


Oct 2010

A 'twister' style two player game for the iPad.

Ember Exporter for Aperture

Feb 2010

Take your photos from Aperture to Ember, your online scrapbook.


Feb 2010

A platform to enable non-technical people to build their own location based experiences.


Nov 2008

A tool to display server monitoring graphs in your mac desktop.

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