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A look at learning OCaml via this year's Tiny Code Christmas, and how functional languages turn out to be well suited to old-school demo effects.

ocaml, retro

A look at what Tiny Code Christmas is, and why it's a good path to some exploratory coding.

games, lua, retro, tic80

Another look at how icon design has changed for the worse over the last couple of decades, and my own attempt to let my personal computer be a bit more personal again.

design, icons, mac, ux

Why pandas and python make me frustrated: looking at how the promise of simpilicity comes with hidden costs that are expensive to deal with, and what we might do about that.

numpy, pandas, profiling, python

Understanding what goes wrong sometimes when I send geospatial data to my colleagues via Slack.

geotiff, GIS, slack

Software updates are as innevitable as death and taxes, yet smart-contracts are designed to be immutable. This article takes a look at how we can reconsile these two world views for the Tezos system.

4C, blockchain, smart contracts, tezos

A bit of a rehash of the 'modern icon design is bad' trope, but something that I find very frustrating with modern app design.

apple, design, icons, mac, ux

Reviewing a geospatial library I've been working on view the lens of Richard P. Gabriel's 'The Right Thing' vs 'Worst is better'

design, gdal, geospatial, geotiff, python

How the Hypercard manual had to work hard to undo ten years of computer habits with autosave.

hypercard, ux

I've recently been tasked with maintenance of 4C's Tezos smart contracts: taking them from research project proof-of-concept to something ready to deploy. Here's my notes on how to work with Tezos as a software engineer.

4C, blockchain, smart contracts, testing, tezos
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