Quiz Buster 1.1 update out

22 Feb 2011

Tags: quizbuster

We were fortunate enough to have some great feedback on Quiz Buster 1.0, and we took as much as we could and put out a quick 1.1 update. Changes in the update include:

  • Question entry screen can be cleared easily
  • Can now delete saved questions
  • Answer text resizes to fit screen
  • No longer creates duplicates in saved questions
  • Wikipedia view scales web page to fit screen better
  • Prevent network issues showing up as answers unknown

Quiz Buster 1.1 is now live on the app store, and hopefully those of you who have it already should get an update when you next check for them.

If you’ve not bought it, then why not? At $0.99 it’s got to be worth having the premier quiz question answering app on your phone? :)

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