Quiz Buster!

11 Feb 2011

Tags: quizbuster

Today we’re pleased to announce that our fun little question answering app, Quiz Buster has been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Quiz Buster makes use of the amazing powers of deduction of the True Knowledge question answering system, and tries to help you answer that tricky question when caught short in the pub quiz, or to help if you need to appear knowledgeable quickly at your next party :) Who was UK Prime Minister in 1976? How old is Barack Obama? How tall is Naomi Campbell? Let Quiz Buster help you out!

True Knowledge’s AI can answer a fantastic range of things, and there’s a bunch of sample questions built into the app. If you find something it can’t answer, then you can always head over to True Knowledge’s website and teach the system yourself.

Quiz Buster is a fun app, either to help you out of a stick situation, or just for asking random bits of trivia to pass the time or test your friends. It’s a bargin at 59p on the app store right now!

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