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Sharing code in multi-target swift package

17 Aug 2022 - development, swift

How to make a SPM project that contains multiple executables using shared code, without adding another project.


Bytes not Bytearrays with Django please

27 Apr 2021 - development, django, python

A quick look a unexpected nuanced interaction of Django's HTTPResponse object and Python's type system that caught me out.


The tale of the software and the sartorial incompatibility

31 May 2020 - development, health, ios, location, testing

Not all software issues are in the code, here is a tale of how what clothes I was wearing impacted how well my app worked when used in the real world!


Easily developing webservices locally in a production like environment

28 May 2020 - development, docker

A note on how you can use devcontainers to let you directly work on your code base in Visual Studio Code within a full dockerized production-like stack on your local machine.


Failure strategies vs Swift optionals

15 Jun 2018 - development, swift

How I disapproved of forced unwrapping optionals in Swift in general, but have made my peace with the existence of the operator in practice.


Encoding and decoding polymorphic objects in Swift

29 May 2018 - development, swift

Some notes on trying to keep the flexibile approach to data-structures within the safety net of a type-strict language like Swift.


Be wary of timestamps for Windows Performance Monitor data

15 May 2018 - development, windows

A look at what seems to be an unsolvable issue with Windows Performance Monitoring - it stores the events without a timezone reference but using daylight saving aware times.


Managing GOPATH for multiple projects with direnv

17 Nov 2017 - development, golang

A quick tip on using the direnv project to make it easier to manage multiple Go projects without sharing your GOPATH.


Handling golang third party dependancies robustly

5 Nov 2017 - development, golang

One of the current weaknesses of Go is how third part libraries are managed, in particular how they depend on third party services, which is not ideal for production build systems. This is a write-up of how I've solved this for one particular project at Bromium.


Some thoughts on Golang

28 Oct 2017 - development, golang

Having used Go to ship a major project for the first time, here's a summary of what I found its strengths and weaknesses to be, and why it was the right tool for this particular job.


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