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Why using Slack is bad for GeoTIFF Rasters

3 Aug 2023 - geotiff, GIS, slack

Understanding what goes wrong sometimes when I send geospatial data to my colleagues via Slack.


Yirgacheffe: trying to do The Right Thing with geospatial data

11 Nov 2022 - design, gdal, geospatial, geotiff, python

Reviewing a geospatial library I've been working on view the lens of Richard P. Gabriel's 'The Right Thing' vs 'Worst is better'


Processing geospatial data at render time on GPUs using Shaders

24 Jul 2022 - 4C, geospatial, geotiff, gpu, metal, shaders, swift

Taking the batch processing I was doing with geospatial data in the last post and instead doing the same visualisation in real time on the GPU using shaders.


Some notes on processing and display geospatial data

21 Apr 2022 - 4c, geospatial, geotiff

A look at how large geospatial datasets are stored and processed, some tips to quickly see what's in the files, and how to get such data onto an interactive webpage map.


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