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Working with Wikibase from Go

26 Nov 2018 - api, golang, mediawiki, wikibase

A review of working with the MediaWiki Wikibase API, and the Go library I built to make it easier to work with.


Better testing for golang http handlers

23 Feb 2018 - golang, testing

A write up of the testing pattern I use for Go http handlers as I've not seen this technique documented anywhere else.


Managing GOPATH for multiple projects with direnv

17 Nov 2017 - development, golang

A quick tip on using the direnv project to make it easier to manage multiple Go projects without sharing your GOPATH.


Handling golang third party dependancies robustly

5 Nov 2017 - development, golang

One of the current weaknesses of Go is how third part libraries are managed, in particular how they depend on third party services, which is not ideal for production build systems. This is a write-up of how I've solved this for one particular project at Bromium.


Some thoughts on Golang

28 Oct 2017 - development, golang

Having used Go to ship a major project for the first time, here's a summary of what I found its strengths and weaknesses to be, and why it was the right tool for this particular job.


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