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The tale of the software and the sartorial incompatibility

31 May 2020 - development, health, ios, location, testing

Not all software issues are in the code, here is a tale of how what clothes I was wearing impacted how well my app worked when used in the real world!


Why I moved to Hockey App

18 Jun 2012 - development, iOS, macOS, testing

After hitting some issues with TestFlight, I've moved my developer testing work over to HockerApp.


Tate Trumps Anywhere

5 Jan 2012 - art, games, ios

A look at another app we worked on last year, Tate Trumps Anywhere, where you can now interact with Tate Modern's game wherevere you are.


Christmas treats from Hide & Seek

23 Dec 2011 - games, ios

A christmas time release of a book that I helped a client turn into an app.


PlaceWhisper 2.1

26 Oct 2011 - ios, placewhisper

We're happy to announce the PlaceWhisper 2.1 update is live in the app store, which fixes a bunch of issues for iOS 5, and incorporates a bunch of user interface improvements based on feedback from users, trying to make it easier to explore the world around you.


Mocking up

19 Oct 2011 - design, ios

A look at some of the different things I use to make mockups.


Welcoming PlaceWhisper 2

6 Oct 2011 - ios, placewhisper

After much work over the last year, we're pleased to announce the launch of PlaceWhisper 2! Join us as we take a look through all the exciting new features we've added, including stepping beyond just the phone.


Watch The Water

18 Aug 2011 - culture, games, ios, placewhisper

I'm excited to announce there will be a bit of Digital Flapjack at the Edinburgh Art Festival this year, in the form of Watch The Water, an ambient audio work contemplating the gothic soul of the streets.


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