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Pandas vs Efficiency

7 Aug 2023 - numpy, pandas, profiling, python

Why pandas and python make me frustrated: looking at how the promise of simpilicity comes with hidden costs that are expensive to deal with, and what we might do about that.


Yirgacheffe: trying to do The Right Thing with geospatial data

11 Nov 2022 - design, gdal, geospatial, geotiff, python

Reviewing a geospatial library I've been working on view the lens of Richard P. Gabriel's 'The Right Thing' vs 'Worst is better'


Bytes not Bytearrays with Django please

27 Apr 2021 - development, django, python

A quick look a unexpected nuanced interaction of Django's HTTPResponse object and Python's type system that caught me out.


Getting started with fuzzing your Django web app

10 Feb 2021 - django, fuzzing, python, testing

A small tutorial on how to run the Atheris fuzzing tool against your Django apps API to try find untested code paths.


Unit testing for Google App Engine with Python

14 Jun 2011 - python, testing

I recently inherited a python project that used Google App Engine, and didn't have any unit tests setup, which is something I wanted to fix. Here's how I went about it.


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