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Working with Tezos Smart Contracts as a software engineer

3 Oct 2022 - 4C, blockchain, smart contracts, testing, tezos

I've recently been tasked with maintenance of 4C's Tezos smart contracts: taking them from research project proof-of-concept to something ready to deploy. Here's my notes on how to work with Tezos as a software engineer.


How to quickly get some test code on the Internet

14 Apr 2022 - azure, docker, testing

Somethings you really just need to test an idea quickly, and here's how to do that using Docker and Azure.


Getting started with fuzzing your Django web app

10 Feb 2021 - django, fuzzing, python, testing

A small tutorial on how to run the Atheris fuzzing tool against your Django apps API to try find untested code paths.


The tale of the software and the sartorial incompatibility

31 May 2020 - development, health, ios, location, testing

Not all software issues are in the code, here is a tale of how what clothes I was wearing impacted how well my app worked when used in the real world!


Better testing for golang http handlers

23 Feb 2018 - golang, testing

A write up of the testing pattern I use for Go http handlers as I've not seen this technique documented anywhere else.


Why I moved to Hockey App

18 Jun 2012 - development, iOS, macOS, testing

After hitting some issues with TestFlight, I've moved my developer testing work over to HockerApp.


Unit testing for Google App Engine with Python

14 Jun 2011 - python, testing

I recently inherited a python project that used Google App Engine, and didn't have any unit tests setup, which is something I wanted to fix. Here's how I went about it.


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