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How to update a Tezos Smart-Contract

25 Jan 2023 - 4C, blockchain, smart contracts, tezos

Software updates are as innevitable as death and taxes, yet smart-contracts are designed to be immutable. This article takes a look at how we can reconsile these two world views for the Tezos system.


Working with Tezos Smart Contracts as a software engineer

3 Oct 2022 - 4C, blockchain, smart contracts, testing, tezos

I've recently been tasked with maintenance of 4C's Tezos smart contracts: taking them from research project proof-of-concept to something ready to deploy. Here's my notes on how to work with Tezos as a software engineer.


4C starting notes

19 Jan 2022 - 4c, blockchain, tezos

A look at one of my new projects, putting my engineering skills towards a project tacking the ongoing climate crisis with a team at the University of Cambridge looking at verifiable carbon offsetting.


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