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We released another update to Tickets, our iPad app for managing your projects in the online bug tracking platform Lighthouse, bringing it up to 1.2.


Some thoughts on a trend that seems to happen far too often: software being optimised for the developer's experience rather than the user's experience

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A look at another app we worked on last year, Tate Trumps Anywhere, where you can now interact with Tate Modern's game wherevere you are.

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A look at PlaceWhisper's 2.1 update, with a new look, collections, and embeddable maps for the web.


A christmas time release of a book that I helped a client turn into an app.

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Tickets, our Lighthouse based issue tracking app for the iPad, has crept up to version 1.1. There's no new functionality in this release, but it does represent a big leap forward in terms of performance for those of you with large projects.


Over the weekend PlaceWhisper 2.2 quietly slipped into the app store. It's a sort of mixed bag releases, with a number of small changes to different aspects of PlaceWhisper, so we thought we'd quickly run through them with you.


A look at PlaceWhispers companion website, designed to let you access all your location based text, images, and audio when at your desk.

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It's been barely a week since the last update to Tickets, our iPad client for the Lighthouse issue tracking system, was released, and now here's another update already to give it a good performance boost!

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We're happy to announce the PlaceWhisper 2.1 update is live in the app store, which fixes a bunch of issues for iOS 5, and incorporates a bunch of user interface improvements based on feedback from users, trying to make it easier to explore the world around you.

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