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A note on how you can use devcontainers to let you directly work on your code base in Visual Studio Code within a full dockerized production-like stack on your local machine.

development, docker

How using Windows Subsystem for Linux has changed how I work, letting me use all the development tools I'm used to from linux, and still run all those other apps I need to run a full business like Adobe Creative Suite.

linux, windows, wsl

A review of working with the MediaWiki Wikibase API, and the Go library I built to make it easier to work with.

api, golang, mediawiki, wikibase

How I disapproved of forced unwrapping optionals in Swift in general, but have made my peace with the existence of the operator in practice.

development, swift

Some notes on trying to keep the flexibile approach to data-structures within the safety net of a type-strict language like Swift.

development, swift

A look at what seems to be an unsolvable issue with Windows Performance Monitoring - it stores the events without a timezone reference but using daylight saving aware times.

development, windows

A simple macOS status bar item that lets you quickly manage your running Docker containers.

docker, macos

A write up of the testing pattern I use for Go http handlers as I've not seen this technique documented anywhere else.

golang, testing

I made a small open source tool that lets you generate fretboard designs ready for laser cutting or CNC routing based on MakerJS.

cnc, javascript, laser, maker

A quick tip on using the direnv project to make it easier to manage multiple Go projects without sharing your GOPATH.

development, golang
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